Zanzibar is the semi-autonomous government in the Republic of Tanzania, Its located off the coast of the mainland. The archipelago is made up of small islands and two major islands, Unguja (the main island) and Pemba. This is a prefect addition after a Tanzania safari.Historic Stone Town, located in the centre of Zanzibar City, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is believed to be the only functioning ancient town in East Africa. Persian traders initially used Stone Town as a base for travel between the Middle EastIndia and Africa. By the 19th century, it had become the centre of the spice trade and the slave trade with some 600,000 slaves passing through Zanzibar from 1830-1863.

Zanzibar is exotic spice Island, palm-fringed beaches and the narrow streets of Arabic bazaars. The island has a fascinating history, due in part to its location 35km from the mainland .. Arab traders arrived during the eighth century, intermarried with the existing population, and Islam was well established as the predominant culture by the 11th century. In the 16th century, Portuguese explorers arrived, followed by Omanis – it was governed by a Sultan until 1964 – and later still, the British.